Ed Wills

Deputy Editor Shooting Times

Ed Wills

Ed Wills is the current Deputy Editor at Shooting Times Magazine. He has been passionate about field sports since an early age. Brought up on a farm in Hampshire, he has been involved in country life from driving a tractor in peak harvest time to crawling 50ft up a scree for a stag in north west Scotland.

Testing steel shot

British shooting has been divided in recent months by the announcement on the withdrawal of lead shot within five years. While many view the decision to phase out lead and…

shooting in January

January, for most of the nation, is the cruellest month. From Stornoway to the Scillies people are in credit card debt doldrums, their clothes no longer fit and family relations…

Ed Wills after a Macnab

Better luck next time,” the stalker said to me, patting my shoulder, as I watched the winded stags gallop away over the hill. That had been my second attempt at…