Jason Harris

Gun reviews: JP Sauer & Sohn Magma 12-bore shotgun: Designed in Germany, made in Spain and enjoyed in Britain, the Magma sidelock has lots in the way of style.

Beretta SV10 Prevail shotgun review

Gun reviews: Beretta SV10 Prevail shotgun: The Beretta SV10 Prevail shotgun is a bit different. Fans of the Beretta 680 series of guns will like the all-new SV10 Prevail, because…

Gun reviews: Holloway & Naughton Britannia shotgun: Cast a longing eye over this Britannia over-under shotgun from the traditional English 'Best' gun makers.

Beretta UGB Xcel shotgun review: The Beretta UGB Xcel shotgun is the world's first break-action semi-automatic.

English Boxlock shotguns for under £5,000: The side-by-side is indelibly associated with the best traditions of shooting. Many will aspire to own a named English gun to use in the…

English shotguns

English shotguns: Buying a Best English shotgun for a budget of up to £5,000 is a very interesting proposition - and could be quite controversial.

The Huglu 103D shotgun

Gun reviews: Huglu 103D shotgun: The Huglu 103D shotgun is a quality gun, for a surprisingly low price.

Krieghoff K80

Gun reviews: Krieghoff K80 Sporter shotgun: This Krieghoff K80 Sporter shotgun is an excellent, and typical, example of German engineering.

Gun reviews: Arietta Crown 16-bore shotgun: The Arietta Crown is a lovely little 16-bore from the renowned Spanish gunmaker.

Gun reviews: Bioto .410 shotguns: They might be heavy but these South American-made side-by-side and over-under .410s are soundly made and built to get the job done.

Gun reviews: Lewis Potter looks at the reasonably priced over-under shotguns on the secondhand market today and gives his opinion on the pick of them.

Secondhand Krieghoff shotgun

Gun reviews: Secondhand Krieghoff shotguns The German gunmaking firm of Krieghoff was founded in the town of Suhl in 1886, but it wasn’t until post World War II years that…

Gun review: Beretta Silver Pigeon Combo: Jason reckons Beretta has hitting a winning combination with its two-in-one Silver Pigeon.

Gunsmith: This problem concerned a nice Beretta 682 Gold E. The gun, which cost somewhere around the £2,500 mark when new, doesn’t appear to have done that much work and…

Beretta DT11 Sporter shotgun

Beretta DT11 Sporter shotgun review: Beretta’s DT10 shotgun has enjoyed phenomenal success in the UK, so why bring in another model?

Secondhand Beretta SO shotgun

Secondhand Beretta SO shotgun review: Tullio Marengoni must be the most famous gun designer that the majority of British shotgun shooters have never heard of.