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Beretta Ultralight Gold 12-Bore shotgun

Beretta Ultralight Gold 12-Bore shotgun: With clever construction and intelligent use of metals on this lightweight 12-bore, the Italians have got it right once again.

Hushpower .410 shotgun

Gun reviews: Hushpower .410 shotgun: This moderated Hushpower .410 shotgun is based on an American Mossberg 500 pump gun.

Beretta A400 Xplor Unico shotgun review: It would take a brave man to say Beretta don’t make the best semiautomatic shotguns out there.

One of the attractions of the Yildiz .410 is that it’s built on a scaled down action to suit its; it isn’t simply a 20 or 28-bore with a set…

Sauer Wolverine Rifle review: Accuracy and finesse make the Sauer Wolverine a great all-round performer, says Bruce Potts.

Gun reviews: Kennedy Beretta shotgun: This Beretta has the famous reliability, bespoke measurements, the looks of a best Italian and an affordable price.

Beretta 687 Diamond Pigeon shotgun

Beretta 687 Diamond Pigeon shotgun: The Beretta 687 Diamond Pigeon has created a fair bit of interest, as well as confusion, on the UK shooting scene.

Beretta A1391 Lightweight shotgun: The Beretta AL 391 semi-auto shotgun has won plenty of friends and fans since it arrived on British shores - and I can see this new…

The new Beretta Perennia shotgun combines technological improvement with the familiarity of popular older guns. Lewis Potter asks if it will be a success in the field

Beretta Perennia shotgun: With the Perennia, Beretta has come up with something very new in terms of over-under shotgun design.

Sauer 202 Select rifle review: This Sauer 202 Select rifle has the old-world elegance of a superb rifle that can be tailored to the stalker's own specification.