Jason Harris

Macnab Highlander shotgun: This well made and nicely finished Sporter in the extensive Macnab range of shotguns is slowly, but surely, making its presence felt.

Lanber Sporting De Luxe shotgun: This Spanish-made Lanber sporting over-under shotgun has topped the best-seller charts for more than 20 years. Find out why.

CZ Style .22LR rifle

CZ Style .22LR rifle review: Eschewing size in favour of substance, the CZ Style 16in is proving itself a rimfire rifle to be reckoned with.

Mossberg .410 shotgun: It ain't a thing of beauty, but this moderated Mossberg pump shotgun is a brilliant tool when it comes to vermin control.

Pedersoli Brown Bess musket review: A reproduction of a musket with an imperial pedigree, the Pedersoli Brown Bess takes the sporting shooter back in time!

.338 BR calibre review: The .338 BR is just the thing for the woodland stalker who wants a calibre that can produce one-shot kills without damaging the meat.

Ruger M77 Mk2 rifle review

Ruger M77 Mk2 rifle review: The Ruger M77 rifle has withstood the test of time and is revamped in the Mk2, making it anything but a standard stalking rifle.

Rottweil .410 shotgun review

Take a look at the Rottweil over-under .410, a small-bore shotgun with a beautiful stock and a lot of class.

BSA Lightning XL Tactical air rifle

BSA Lightning XL Tactical air rifle: We are struck by the graceful lines and fantastic accuracy produced by the latest spring-powered air rifle made by BSA, the Lightning XL Tactical.

The Ardesa Fowler muzzle-loading shotgun could be the perfect introduction to the world of muzzle-loading.

Steve Bowers Custom .224 rifle review

Steve Bowers Custom .224 rifle review: The marriage of man and machine has resulted in wonderful rifles, but none so delightful as those made by rifle expert, Steve Bowers, and…

Mauser CZ 527 Varmint rifle: As a small variant of the marvellous Mauser, the .204 Calibre CZ 527 rifle is already off to a good start.

Krico Model 902 rifle

Krico Model 902 rifle review: These German Krico rifles have all the quality, accuracy and dependability that a stalker requires, so why are they such a rare sight in British

Lincoln Carrera shotgun review: This Lincoln Carrera 12-bore shotgun is an all-round classic of its kind.

Bettinsoli Diamond Line shotgun review: You don't have to dig too deep for the impressive Bettinsoli Diamond Line Deluxe shotgun to shine.

Ruger 1B .243 rifle review: The Ruger No.1B .243 stalking rifle is an accurate, modern gun with a reliable, traditional side.