Lindsay Waddell

With grit in short supply and traps washed away, the season’s end is hard work

Grouse moor pickers-up cover mile upon mile of tough terrain in their vital job

Being a flanker on a grouse day is all about the elements - including surprise

The Law Commision's wildlife review could be hugely beneficial, or a great risk

If buzzards can take a young osprey, what’s to stop them taking a sparrowhawk?

After the early warmth of March, the wet, cold spring is a threat to all bird life

Following DEFRA's snare report, keepers must continue to observe high standards

The freezing temperatures and fresh snow can be used to a keeper's advantage

Experience is no longer enough to guarantee a successful gamekeeping

Greater controls on shooting may lie ahead, but we can still enjoy our sport

A keeper will see many dogs come and go, but the cross may be the best of all

This record year means late season grouse could cost less than a pheasant day

When a bird has strayed from home, it makes identifying it all the harder

Controls are needed to protect the countryside from soaring numbers of predators

The Fire Severity Index has proved ineffective in preventing moorland fires

Only time will tell if the changes made to Scotland’s new wildlife bill will workstrong>