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Matt Cross

Matt Cross is a freelance journalist and features writer who lives in a tiny village in the South West of Scotland. He is an avid angler, an enthusiastic deer stalker,  a hopeless game shot and the owner of two spaniels. He specialises in Scottish stories but is occasionally allowed to go to England.

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Perhaps this is a good time to pause and ask a question: do we really need to shoot woodpigeons? If the general licence fiasco has reminded us of anything, it…

crows in field with lamb

The general licences that allow for the shooting of pest bird species, including crows, feral pigeons, Canada geese and lesser black-backed gulls, are to be challenged in the courts by…

disabled shooting

Disabled sport’s profile has risen hugely in recent years, partly driven by the success of British athletes in the Paralympics. I was therefore interested to see how far the disability…