Mike George

Mike George

Mike was a country sports journalist for more than 50 years, and a shooting enthusiast for longer than that. He edited the first issue of Sporting Gun, and founded Target Gun, a magazine for rifle and pistol enthusiasts. He studied mechanical engineering, and was the author of two books: Metalworking – a Manual of Techniques, and The Shotgun Handbook.

He died in 2018 and this valued contributor will be sadly missed.

AYA No. 1 shotgun

AYA is based in the Basque Country of Northern Spain – an area that has been producing guns for hundreds of years. It makes many different guns – side-by-sides and…

A real Baikal shotgun

I've inherited one of those Baikal shotguns with a selective trigger, but I'm darned if I can get it to work!

lightweight 12-bore shotguns

“I have turned 70 and, although I can still walk fair distances, the 8lb Sporter I use for all of my shooting has become rather too heavy. I am therefore…

second-hand gun for £1000 Beretta

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Beretta 687 EELL

“I would dearly love to be able to afford a sidelock O/U from a prestigious maker, but I can’t afford one. Instead, I am going to have to settle for…