Robin Scott


The PACEC report has been very helpful but we must not rest on our laurels or become blasé about the role our sport plays

How much more evidence will they have to amass before countryside saviours GWCT are listened to by the Government? asks Editor-at-Large, Robin Scott.

are good shots born or made?

Is it talent or practice that determines if you are an average Shot or a great one — and could woodpigeon have something to do with it?

deer tracking

I always thought my black Labrador Sooty had a nose-and- a-half on him for deer tracking, but when it comes to scenting power, he’s never going to get within sniffing…

A device designed to make clay shooting and rifle practice more fun is coming to a gun shop near you. And it’s explosive stuff, reveals Robin.

Ruag has a happy knack at marketing consistently accurate ammunition and these Normas – spitting Hornady bullets – are no exception.