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New guidance to help control protected predators

Scottish Natural Heritage has issued new guidance to help land managers in Scotland apply for licences to control protected predators such as buzzards, ravens, sparrowhawks and pine martens.

This 12-bore Purdey Woodward over-under shotgun has 30’’ barrels, a single trigger and weighs 7lbs 9oz.

Natural England has launched a £400,000 partnership project, the South West Farmland Bird Initiative (SWFBI), to help conserve six nationally important arable bird species - grey partridges, lapwings, turtle doves,…

The .20 Tactical calibre is often considered as the best pest control round for British shooters. Will manufacturers ever make the rifles to match it?

Clay pigeon shooting this summer at a game or country show? Charles looks at a selection of fibre-wad shotgun cartridges to use on the day.