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Remington Versa Max semi-auto shotgun

Lincoln Premier Wildfowling Gun As the name suggests, this fits the bill for a gun that’s dedicated to wildfowling – however it also has potential for other uses, including clay…

A secondhand AyA shotgun can make a worthy and very enjoyable investment, says Mike.

.17 hmr bolt-action rifle

This review pits the Sako Quad Synthetic, CZ Synthetic Silhouette, Browing T-Bolt Synthetic and Anschutz 1517 Thumbhole against each other to find the best .17 HRM bolt-action rifle

How a shotgun works

Lewis Potter looks at the inner workings of a shotgun to explain and illustrate how a shotgun works

westbury white horse

1. Barbury Shooting School, Marlborough Downs  Situated just off the M4, this is a very organised set-up. The shooting school is open every day and offers clayshooters practice sessions and…

There is a saying in the gun trade that there is nothing new. This is often true: think of an idea or another way of doing something and it will so often…

.22LR subsonic ammunition reviewed

A .22 rimfire is largely considered by shooters who have used it to be an accurate vermin cartridge that’s budget friendly and straightforward to shoot with. On the other hand,…

grouse shooting

Of course, this brings a particular set of safety concerns, but any good moorland shoot will have very strict standards by which you will be expected to behave to reduce the…

How to clean a rifle: Steve from Napier demonstrates

How To Clean a Rifle In this video Napier will show you the steps that you need to take when cleaning your rifle with their products. When it comes to…

Napier gun cleaning products

How to clean a shotgun, in this video Napier show you how to clean your shotgun using their products.

marocchi 612S

The Italian-made Marocchi 612S "crossover" shotgun combines good looks with great handling

Bullet placement

Stalking trends come and go. From calibres to optics, all have their time. Fashion also influences the shots we take, and currently the head or high neck shot seems to…

sporting rights

You pick up a sporting magazine and an advertisement catches your eye. It’s offering shooting rights. You’ve always dreamed of managing a little grouse moor or pheasant shoot, and inviting…

Miroku MK60 Universal Sporter

Most who have considered buying a new shotgun will have looked at over-unders made by the holy trinity of Browning, Beretta and Miroku. Once hugely popular, Miroku has slipped into…

crab chowder

A simple recipe that brings out the natural flavours of the crab and mussels

Browning B725 Sporter

The Browning B725 Sporter is a wholly new gun and carries a modern look, but it isn’t a radical departure from what we are used to