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You can have the most accurate rifle combination in the world, but if the gun ain't pointing where the 'scopes looking you might as well give up and buy a…

DEFRA says no to badger cull

DEFRA decide against cull of badgers in the battle against TB in cattle, opting to develop cattle and badger vaccines instead.

Industry experts are urging countryside workers to keep up with essential health and safety checks after a gamekeeper and his wife were injured in a gas explosion in a rearing…

Rottweil 20-bore shotgun review

Gun reviews: Rottweil 20-bore shotgun: This Rottweil 20-bore shotgun is a great little gun for taking out in the field.

Gun reviews: Perazzi SC3 shotgun: The Perazzi SC3 shotgun is an excellent game gun for use in the field.

The 16-bore shotgun has always been a popular choice among shooting men on the continent.

Henry Atkin 20-bore: This Henry Atkin 20-bore renovation was originally built for legendary banker J.P. Morgan in 1900.