Sporting Gun

Shooting competitions: The amazing prizes include a brand new Blaser R8 rifle, three CZ rimfire rifles, a Ruger rimfire rifle, plus 16,000 Hull cartridges and £2,000 of Bushwear vouchers.

For several weeks last autumn a lot of pigeon down here were feeding on fallen acorns and beech mast, ignoring the late drillings and winter rape. If they can be…

Laird background

Q) When I began wildfowling, my grandfather gave me a 10-bore side-by-side, made by J.W. Laird & Co. The rib is stamped: 6 Bishopsgate Street, Without London. The gun’s number…

I know there’s a world of difference between shooting real pigeons and their clay counterparts, but I was surprised to see a couple of mates really struggling

Shooting under pressure: I seem to remember that ‘maintaining a positive mental attitude’ was a bit of a mantra in business training videos in the eighties.