Tim Weston

Tim Weston

Tim Weston is the National Gamekeepers Organisation Development Officer (South)

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lamping foxes

1. What’s the right time to go out lamping foxes? Foxes are generally nocturnal and see excellently at night. Wait until it is properly dark outside before setting off. During…

The best cover crops for the part-time keeper

Cover crops can do many things to enhance a shoot: Provide options for early-season drives when the woods might have too much leaf on the trees to push pheasants out…

gamekeeper's apprenticeship

The countryside is a wonderful place to work, and the men and women who toil away at forestry, farming and gamekeeping play a vital role in its upkeep and the…

Keepers are the eyes and ears of the countryside, so a “rural special” police initiative in Hertfordshire makes perfect sense, says the NGO’s Tim Weston

Legal shooting sports are being misreported as crimes, but, as Tim Weston reports, gamekeepers are working to inform the police about rural matters