Tony Jackson

A Magnet for pesky pigeon

As winter draws to a close, keeping the pigeon off the rape becomes ever more vital. Tony Jackson enjoys an afternoon of decoying in the Cotswolds

In the wild woods of North Cornwall where Atlantic mists roll in, Tony Jackson enjoys high pheasants, fast woodcock and home-made pasties

In Devon's dramatic valleys, Tony Jackson joins a team of dedicated Guns whose efforts have resulted in great local support and spectacular sport

Shooting in Somerset

In Somerset's combes and gulleys a syndicate has discovered how to get more enjoyment from its shooting for less effort

High-flying pheasants mirror Heathrow-bound jets when Tony Jackson visits an enterprising Surrey shoot in the shadow of London's landmarks

Tony Jackson meets riflemaker Keith Thomas, whose boyhood spent with his father hunting on game reserves in Africa inspired his future career

Tony Jackson looks back to a memorable day spent with a South Downs syndicate where the Guns enjoyed some excellent walked-up shooting

Tony Jackson enjoys an evening rabbiting int he company of a true countryman and faithful Labrador

Every week the Shooting Times panel of Experts answers your sporting questions

Tony Jackson joins professional guide and agent Roger Bacon on a recent Hampshire pigeon day and discovers that there are plenty of differences in Continental styles when it comes to…

Before the revelation of the online auction, Tony Jackson was a technophobe. Now he delights in tracking sporting treasures and the buzz when it goes down to the wire

Modest, generous and ever jovial, the death of Fred J. Taylor leaves the fieldsports world short of one of its finest writers. Tony Jackson remembers the Countryman

Gallery: Mappowder shoot

Tony Jackson spends a day at the Mappowder shoot in Dorset, where the quality of the shooting and the sociable atmosphere created by all involved is second to none

Though saddened that the last traditional Birmingham gunmaker is vacating its 1812 "Workshop of the World", Tony Jackson sees a new era dawning for Westley Richards

Tony Jackson traces the fascinating 125-year history of your favourite magazine, including the changes of content and contributors — and the antics of past Editors

Labrador rescue

Hugely popular as a breed, but not suitable for everyone — what happens when Labradors need rehoming? Tony Jackson on the work of the Labrador Rescue Trust