Vote for the best game cartridge in the 2019 Shooting Awards in association with British Shooting Show.

Our panel of editors and external judges have pulled together a list of finalists of the best game cartridges that have been reviewed and featured in Shooting Times, Sporting Gun, Shooting Gazette and The Field in the calendar year of 2018. What do you think? Have your say and vote below.

Hull Extreme High Pheasant

“Arguably the top cartridge on the gun bus at the moment. Its knock down power is phenomenal but the recoil is negligible.”

Gamebore Pigeon Extreme 5’s

“The Rolls Royce of pigeon cartridges. There’s nothing subtle about this beast. Its lights out for even the toughest woodie.”

Hull Grouse Cartridge

“Whether every quarry needs a specific cartridge is a moot point but the Hull’s grouse load delivers speed and knock down power, the two factors that give you confidence in a load and confidence improves your shooting.”

Eley Zenith Copper Game Shot


“There are many who are unconvinced about copper coated shot but it is very hard to find anybody who can deny the effectiveness of the Eley Zenith.”

Lyalvale Express Ultimate Power

“With this cartridge you get superb stopping power and it the shot didn’t pepper the meat much, leaving it perfectly edible. It is not a very well known cartridge at the moment, but it is one to watch, especially as they are easy on the shoulder.”

The British Shooting Show is held at the NEC, Birmingham on 15-17 February 2019. The finalists of the Shooting Awards will be invited to a reception on the evening of 15 February.