If you’ve got a garden with a range of above 20m then you’ve enough room to set up an air rifle range at home.

The rules are you must stop pellets from travelling beyond the target.  Pellets must never stray outside the limits of your garden. So use a safe backstop. Don’t leave your airgun unattended even if it is unloaded.

You should also tell any neighbours nearby what you are doing.  Make sure everyone in your home knows they cannot go into the garden until you have finished and keep children and dogs out of the way. Make a sign saying “Shooting in Progress” and hang it on the entrance to your property as a warning.

We’ve taken a look at air rifle targets for different types of practice and come up with some options.

Nitehawk Self Resetting Magnetic Air Rifle/Airsoft Knock Down Shooting Target

Best for hearing that you've hit the target

Price: £24.99

A fun target that gives a satisfying clang when you hit it. Reset it when you have hit all four ducks by shooting the disc in the middle to make the targets pop back up again.

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Firebird Exploding Targets Airflash Extreme

Best for sound and visual impact

Price: £15.17

These reactive targets emit a bang, flash and smoke when they're hit. But don't use them if you live in a built-up area.

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GUGULUZA 14cm Paper Targets for Air Rifle BB Gun Shooting Practice,Card Targets,Pack of 100

Best for tracking improvement

Price: £8.99

If you're new to airgunning these inexpensive paper targets will help you to hone your skills and refine your technique. They're also good for keeping a record of how you're improving

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Splatterburst Targets - 8 inch Bullseye Reactive Shooting Target

Best for visibility

Price: £10.99

If you're concerned about noise, these targets splatter silently, illuminating in florescent yellow when hit correctly. Good for dull days and dull conditions when the sun isn't out.

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Oypla Swinging Auto Reset Air Rifle Gun Shooting Practice Target Set

Best for uninterrupted practice

Price: £12.99

When you want to hone your skills use these targets which swing when shot. Keep going until you've hit all four and then hit the top 5th target to reset them all.

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The more you practice, the better you'll become with your air rifle. Target practice will definitely make a difference and there are many different types of air rifle targets to test your skills and accuracy. If you don’t have to worry about neighbours and noise then try knockdown targets. These are great fun because when you hit them the target falls over, often with a gratifying clang. We'd pick out the Nitehawk Self Resetting Magnetic Air Rifle which is straightforward to use. If you want to see how your pellets are striking and grouping then a paper target like the GUGULUZA 14cm Paper Target would be a useful choice. Put in those hours on the range aiming at targets and you'll be on the way to better technique and accuracy.