Today’s modern stalking and shooting socks are very different from what hunters wore in years gone by. New performance textiles, combined with traditional materials like Merino wool, keep the feet warm and dry, wick away moisture and sweat, repel odour and stop boots chafing when you’re after your quarry in forests, fields and mountains.

Choose the right stalking and shooting socks and you’ll stay comfortable and focused. Get them wrong and you’ll be distracted.

After literally road-testing a selection, we have come up with our top pairs that will both look and feel good.



Darn Tough Vermont Men's Uncle Buck Boot Cushion Socks


Price: £24.25

Admittedly these socks aren't the cheapest but they will last and last (just make sure you don't lose one of them). Made from a fine gauge knit so comfortable you almost forget you are wearing socks. They won't slip, bunch up around your ankles or cause blisters. Created from naturally antimicrobial Merino wool, which repels bacteria and odors as well as pulling moisture away from the skin and drying fast.

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Realtree AP Men's Non-Binding Boot Socks

No leg constriction

Price: £11.29

These socks help circulation and prevent blood collecting in the ankles and feet. They stay up without constricting the legs, which is vital to prevent diabetic foot problems, blood clots and varicose veins. Built-in arch support and a half-cushioned foot add to walking and standing comfort, which is enhanced by the moisture-wicking material enabling the sock to dry fast.

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Smartwool Hunt Extra Heavy Over-the-Calf

Supports ankles

Price: £28.95

These socks are great multi-taskers. Built for performance and durability, the inbuilt cushioning will reduce impact and keep you comfortable whilst you walk through a variety of terrain. Arch and ankle supports ensure a secure fit and the high Merino wool content will keep your feet warm, even when it's cold and you're standing still on the cold ground.

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Jack Pyke Contrast Knee High Shooting Socks


Price: £18.95

If you've had trouble finding shooting socks to stretch over your legs in the past then these should solve the issue. They're long as well as comfortable, excellent quality and stylish.

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Kendal Luxe - Wide Fit Calf Luxury Extra Fine Merino Wool Shooting Socks - Diamond Turnover Long Boot Sock

For bulky calves

Price: £29.00

If you're looking for shooting socks that will comfortably fit over muscly calves then these would make an excellent choice. They feature a traditional diamond pattern and although 100% Merino wool are usefully shrink resistant.

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When you're out stalking and shooting in the field your kit needs to perform. There's little opportunity of going back to base camp to change gear that's uncomfortable and not performing properly. Stalking and shooting socks may seem a minor clothing consideration but if your feet are hot and sweaty and your socks are rubbing, you're on your way to a ruined day. Thankfully there are plenty of good shooting socks around that will keep you dry and comfortable inside your boots, no matter how far you're walking. Think about the conditions you're shooting in and the style of sock you want. For best all-round performance then the Smartwool Hunt Extra Heavy Over-the-Calf will deliver. If you want socks that will last for years then pick out the Darn Tough Vermont Men's Uncle Buck Boot Cushion Socks. They're not the cheapest, but if you're only going to be buying a few pairs then they're very good value. Finally if you're looking for traditional patterned shooting socks that will fit over legs comfortably all the way up to your breeks then you should probably opt for the Jack Pyke contrast knee high shooting socks.