Blogs from our regular contributors. Subjects discussed range from reactions to the latest shooting news, developments in shooting legislation and licensing to opinions on animal management and conservation and anything and everything else that affects the shooting and rural communities

red kite

Why back-garden bird lovers are wrong to feed kites

The town of Reading is home to a different type of commuter these days, with hundreds of red kites arriving each morning to take advantage of food that is put out for them by people who like getting close to nature without having to leave their own homes. In a…

1906 bag - Sydenham

Are we all murderers?

Those outside the shooting world are just as guilty of killing animals – the danger is they don't realise it, argues Jens Ulrik Høgh

owen paterson

Why we should all fear the infection of the growing Green Blob

The Green Blob. What a wonderful term. It was used by former Tory environment minister Owen Paterson as a generic term to describe the shapeless mass of “unelected busybodies” comprising the environmental lobby. Not the earnest local conservationists who dig ponds and plant trees, but the huge corporate charities and…