As we see rising numbers of robberies in rural areas, we must ask ourselves, ‘are we doing enough to deter such criminal activity?’

In a lot of cases, rural crime can be put down to opportunism, but now we are seeing a more methodical approach as thieves are stealing to order. From sitting in someone’s drive one minute, a Land Rover could find itself in Ireland or on the continent, the end result of theft that, when successful, provides good financial returns.

Unfortunately we are not living in a society where at one time it was fine to leave one’s back door open, or let children play until the sun goes down. No, we have got to be on our guard to ensure that these people don’t win. This isn’t scaremongering, but with rural communities becoming more accessible via road links that are encroaching on them, it is easier for thieving scum to strike and then escape easily. What we need to do is keep an eye out, make sure everything is locked, and look at reasonably priced security systems. Let’s not give the thieves a chance.

Are there any of you readers out there who have had problems due to rural crime?
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