Ho! Ho! Ho!

Have you been accosted in the street recently by a Rotary Club member dressed as Santa and violently shaking a yellow bucket full of change? Yes? It can only mean one thing – Christmas is almost here!

With the SG office decked in tinsel and art editor Neil Syer doing his best to drum up Christmas cheer amongst the troops, pining for that turkey dinner after a long and hard year at the editorial coal face, I got to thinking about the relationship between Christmas and shooting. After numerous conversations with staff writer Alex Flint (two, really) I’ve come to the conclusion that both are closer than you might think. Consider the facts….


Both require you to write a letter to a jolly fellow who lives far away, begging for an unforgettable day. The letter will have been written in your very best handwriting and contains the assurance that you have been good all year, deserve your presents and promise to treat them with respect. 


Both involve the dispatching of fine, plump birds. Fingers crossed you’ll get out of having to preapre them yourself, however. ” I’ve got to get something from the 4×4″ is an excellent excuse. 


The shooting season lasts for six months, as does the marketing for Christmas.


Both require you to wear an outfit you would never wear at any other time of the year, unless you’re a gamekeeper or into that sort of thing.


Both can cost an arm and a leg if you aren’t careful and will lead to the inevitable tiff with the other half later on in the day.  


Both lend themselves to the consumption of fattening foods and alchol which will inevitably lead you to fall asleep in front of the fire at the end of the day. Bond film optional.   


From all of us here at Shooting Gazette, a Merry Christmas to all our readers.