This is unbearable. No more shooting or beating until the end of the summer. The spring has yet to show itself as I look out of our office window, meaning I have to get through another two seasons before I can even think about dusting off my cap and breeks and get out there and enjoy my sport. So, what to do with myself in this barren period?

I’ve decided it’s time to build up my shooting wardrobe from scratch (literally too, since I also need to buy a wardrobe). It will comprise a new shooting coat (Barbour), Wellingtons (Aigle), breeks (Musto), red jumper (Ralph Lauren), gingham shirt (Barbour), and a tie, stockings and garters, all from a local outfitter in Stamford.

What’s the reason for this gluttonous display of spending I hear you ask? The reasons are two fold. Firstly, and about time, I’ve dropped a stone since the end of my last day on January 24, and secondly, shamefully, I might be mistaken for a Victorian gent if I carry on wearing my present garb. In other words, times have changed and it’s no good being out of style in this game.

More importantly, friends and family have said, now that the shooting season is over, that I should learn to appreciate other things in life than sport, like the colour of the sky and Welsh rugby team’s continued successes (the sky is blue and we’re doing okay, so that didn’t last long).

But they do have a point. I speak from personal experience of the recession. Life is too short not to do things that give you pleasure. Be it an evening meal out with the other half, telling someone you love them, a pint and a laugh with the boys on a Friday or just saying ‘stuff it’ when there is a bargain to be had; one of the only ways I’ll get through the summer and beyond is with a smile on my face.