The sky rocketing price of fuel at the moment is effecting everyone, not least us here in the SG office.

On a daily basis I can be found tutting as I look out of the window at the price board of the BP garage opposite the office, while art editor Neil Syer bemoans the fact that it costs him at least an extra £1.45 a day to power the speedster parked below our first floor compound.

I had thought about cycling to work, but living 40 miles up the road means it’s not an option. There is no public transport system and I can’t down grade my wheels any further, I would literally be driving a go-cart.

Neil on the other hand wouldn’t be seen dead in any of the aforementioned modes of transport, so it looks like we are stuck with our problem – unless Will caves into our demands for a subsidised hot air balloon (+basket) to and from the office.

Here’s hoping!