Worcestershire Young Farmers’ Winter Wonder Ball

Fellow Muddy Matcher, Christina, is from Worcestershire and got us involved with the Young Farmers’ Winter Wonder Ball at the Three Counties Showground, near Malvern.

When we eventually found it (no thanks to SatNav, which nearly got thrown out the window on our fifth journey through Malvern rush hour) we were amazed by the size of the venue, and wondered how they were possibly going to fill it.

It was so big that we even managed to park the van in it as a bit of a display. Luckily, we had a lovely white picket fence to keep drunken, sticky fingers off it!

The van in the ball.Blending in nicely

It was a cracking night and, amazingly, the place was heaving within an hour of kick off. We spent the first part of the evening working in the bottle bar. Hands on hearts, we thought the drinks we were selling looked pretty disgusting to start with it (our taste for alcopops having subsided over the past few years) but once you’ve had one or two, it’s amazing how quickly you learn to love them!

Within just a few hours we had completely sold out, albeit mostly to repeat customers with blue and pink tongues, and we were ready to hit the dodgems.

Muddy Matches on the dodgems.Muddy Matches on the attack

Check out www.worcsyfc.org.uk for more information about the Worcestershire Young Farmers.