How many cows do you have to kill to get some milk?

Earlier on in this trip we were shocked to hear a story about a London schoolteacher who thought that it was inappropriate for her class to see a cow being milked as it might upset them.


It turns out she actually thought you have to kill a cow to get its milk…

With rubbish like that being spouted in our classrooms, thank goodness for initiatives such as Cumbria Farm Days 2007, which seek to reconnect the public with the land and help people understand where their food comes from.

Organised by Friends of the Lake District, in partnership with the Cumbria Farmers Network and the National Trust, the Cumbria Farm Days project saw more than 40 farms open their gates to the public and provide an opportunity to experience a working farm first hand.

From April to October, people could visit a variety of different farms, ranging from a goat farm in Wasdale to a dairy farm in Lower Eden – sounds a bit like our Muddy Marathon!

More information about next year’s Lake District farm visits can be found by looking at