It was easily the coldest day of the year when we spent the morning on a Yorkshire farm with fencing contractor, Wilf Standeven.

Fencing equipment.

Wilf grew up in Yorkshire and after a brief stint in London was drawn back to the countryside, where he started working for another fencing contractor. After gaining valuable knowledge and expertise of the fencing industry, he felt there was room in the market for him as well and decided to go it alone, buying all the equipment and setting up his own company, Standeven Fencing, in 2006.

Emma and Wilf.
Emma and Wilf

The morning we were there, he was finishing off some electric fencing for a local beef farmer. Luckily for us, most of the hard work had been done, as the posts were already in the ground, and our job was just to help fix the wire to the posts and tighten it. We’re not ashamed to say, we did some tea-drinking as well; Wilf seems to be immune to the cold, but even with two pairs of gloves on we could hardly feel our fingers!

Lucy feeling the cold.
Gloved up, but still feeling the cold

Electric fencing is just one of the things he does; he also puts up post and rail, wire stock and metal parkland fences, plus rabbit netting, cattle grids, gates and lots, lots more. For more information, call 07803 499584 or visit his website. There is obviously an abundance of entrepreneurial spirit in his household, as his wife Lizzie has just set up her own interior design company, Standeven Interiors!