Opportunities like this one don’t come around very often. When an article came out about our Muddy Marathon in Country Life, we got a phone call from one of the boys from RAF Leeming inviting us to come and look round the base and go to Happy Hour in their mess.

How could we refuse?!

Muddy Matches and the RAF.

We turned up in the afternoon and tried to get some cool pictures of the van and a jet together. Unfortunately, light was fading fast, so it was easier said than done! We then got to sit in one of the jets but, no, we didn’t get to fly in one – apparently it costs thousands of pounds just to go up for a short amount of time and it sounds like everyone’s sick when they do anyway!!

Lucy in the jet.TopGun.

We then got to have a go in their simulator, which with our little knowledge meant that all the pilot (Emma) had to do was keep it straight, while the navigator (Lucy) sat in the back and watched us crash!

In the flight simulator.

We had invited a few other girls along for the drinks bit that evening, which turned out to be really good fun and everyone got on really well. Lots of our female members complained that Yorkshire was too far away for them to get to, so we’re hoping to hold a similar event further south next year!