Another season and another five months of sporting bliss. With only a few days to go until the start of the partridge season, the excitement is already building in the Shooting Gazette office, and it won’t be long before we have gun in hand and a brace of partridges in the other.
The summer months, despite the awful weather, saw us out on the clay ground a few times, and even our Art Editor, Neil Syer, re-kindled his passion for shooting with an admirable display on a charity clay day. Also, in his game shooting debut season, Martin Puddifer, will be trying out his shooting skills as he puts all the lessons he enjoyed into practice and bags a bird or two. Editor, Will Hetherington, will also be showing his prowess in the field, and hopefully I’ll be able to put in a good performance too. Either way, there won’t be any shortage of banter and mirth. And last, but by no means least, our excellent editorial assistant, Alex Terry, will also be enjoying the sport – especially after putting in an awesome display on a clay ground over the summer.
It’s the time we’ve all being waiting for, and, regardless of the weather and its determined efforts at putting the kibosh on everything, the shooting community is as strong as ever. Have a great first day, and here’s to many more!