Remember back in the 1980s when Question of Sport was fresh and original?


Well, anyway, there was a round where you had to fill in the names of sportsmen and sportswomen whose surname was linked by a certain theme – cakes, fish, bathroom tools etc.

We had a brainstorm in the office and came up with our own list of people whose surnames are linked by shooting – feel free to add your own examples – they can be as tenuous as you like!


Bryan GUNN (Norwich City)
Paul BRACEWELL (Newcastle United)
Nicky BUTT (Newcastle United)
Scott PARTRIDGE (Cardiff City)
Brian STOCK (Doncaster Rovers)
Tony BIRD (Swansea City)
Bobby MOORE (West Ham United)
Tony WOODCOCK (Arsenal)
Shaun TEALE (Aston Villa)
Ruel FOX (Norwich City)

Rugby Union

Dusty HARE (Leicester)

Are there any more?