Well, I went to Rules last Thursday night with my family and we had a magnificent meal. My brother and I both enjoyed young roast grouse, cooked medium rare, with game chips and bread sauce. Delicious.

Meanwhile my father’s saddle of rabbit with foie gras and truffle risotto actually looked and tasted even better than the grouse. Our friend, who had not eaten much venison before, was bowled over by the red deer loin and my girlfriend Charlotte loved the rack of lamb.

The atmosphere in the very busy restaurant was spot on and the silver tankard of London Pride on arrival set the tone perfectly. Having read Michael Winner’s less than complimentary review in the Sunday Times recently I was ready to cast a critical eye, but the truth is I love this place and couldn’t find fault with it. Although our friend thought the celery with the cheese was a bit limp! Hardly a major stumbling block.

I’m not really a pudding man and, my starter and main course were so good I didn’t have any room left, but the ladies were delighted by their respective options of raspberry blancmange (nothing like the horrific dish of school memory) with candy floss and macaroons and treacle sponge.

A wonderful experience and thoroughly recommended, even if you do have to raid the piggy bank.

Rules restaurant