Driving home from the football last night I experienced a strange first. We won, but that’s not what was so strange. As my party and I drove from south Wales across the Midlands towards the M1, a thick fog suddenly descended on the motorway, engulfing the car and everything around it.

The sight was almost ghostly, the fog disappearing and reappearing on cue at one-mile intervals. At one point, we found ourselves crawling along at no more than 20 mph, and outside the car, the motorway was silent. Had the car been swallowed up into some other dimension? Those cars we did see around us were out of sight but only until their drivers pushed down on their breaks.

Luckily we were able to press on with our journey and reached our destination unscathed, but it got me to thinking, what weather has forced our readers off the peg? Has fog cancelled your shoot day, has belting rain beaten you back to the lodge, or thunder and lightning sent you running for cover?

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