As Shooting Gazette’s newest gun and resident clotheshorse, that is, the only one in the office stupid enough to gladly spend more than £80 on a tie, I’m really looking forward to smartening up for my first day’s shooting.

The problem I’ve got is I’m not sure what I should be purchasing to make up my ‘essential shooting kit’.

Obviously I have some idea of where to start (Wellingtons – check; cap – check; gun – check..etc), but what I lack is the knowledge more experienced guns have gathered over the years as to what goes into making up a sturdy shooting wardrobe – a list of must have’s if you will.

And this is where you come in. What should I be buying?

Is there a particular jumper you swear by to keep the frost out on those cold winter mornings?

Can you recommend an ‘old faithful’ that has stood the test of time and one worthy of hefty investment?

Are designer labels the way to go when looking into waterproofs or should I opt for something I can get down the market for half the price? Is it all just a case of common sense?

Ultimately, I’m not naive enough to turn up at a partridge day wearing wingtips and a top hat in a desperate attempt to impress the shoot captain, but like any debutant, I want to make a good impression by putting a bit of thought into my outfit.

Hopefully people will be more willing to complement me on my shooting rather than my attire as a result, but your suggestions would be most welcome! And by the way, I only wore that tie once.

Martin Puddifer
Staff Writer