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Lots from Holt's auctioneers

How about a hammer gun for the coming season?

A sealed bid auction ending this Thursday 5th July provides a unique platform for buyers to pick up a wide variety of sporting guns, rifles, antiques and associated (and sometimes completely unassociated) accessories and ephemera. Highest bid wins at full value Utilising the ‘sealed bid’ format, clients have a set…

Royal Oak East Lavant

A visit to the Royal Oak, East Lavant

Much as I like my job, I’m still prone to a bout of the Sunday evening blues. Wondering where the weekend went and why I haven’t done half the things that needed crossing out on my to-do list. I think the cure for this is to start work on a…

game meat is free range

Game meat is free range so does that mean it’s organic?

Only a tiny proportion of game meat is officially “organic”. 
Game meat is free range or wild, healthy and nutritious 
but the label “organic” was captured by 
the organic farming movement long ago. You can only use it when the meat has 
been produced under an accredited organic regime. This…

young gamekeeper

Does a gamekeeper really need a degree?

This is my eighth season being 
a headkeeper on an estate in the Cotswolds. Having entered 
the gamekeeping profession 
full-time at the age of 23, 
my initial knowledge came 
from running a small shoot in 
Suffolk for a farmers syndicate 
and having a BSc (Hons) 
degree in conservation and 

Sands End

Eating game at The Sands End, Fulham

It was a dry evening and so my dining companion and I had decided to walk the three miles from my home to The Sands End pub in Fulham. As a result we were good and hungry by the time we arrived. Nothing like the anticipation of a good meal when…

Date a shooter

Why you should date a shooter

Some reasons why a shooter should be top of your Valentine’s Day wish list “Men who shoot a lot often have dogs… seeing dogs working for their owners and the bond between man and dog is a very attractive quality. Building that relationship takes respect, discipline and patience…. all attributes…

Beaters' day shooting

Beaters’ day shooting. Pegs or walk one, stand one?

Put them out on pegs, says Ben Samuelson Beaters’ day shooting is an absolutely sacred part of the shooting season, and is one of its great joys. Roles are reversed and one half of the shooting community gets a well-deserved treat at the end of the season. Patience is rewarded,…

Ratting with terriers

What better way to clear a farm of rats?

The first rats came fizzing 
out before anyone was ready. Even Jay, the very model of lurcher sharpness, 
was taken by surprise as the rodents fled their burrows and made for safety. The terriers, tied to a gate post outside, burst into a frantic chorus of yelps and whines as…

plastic pollution on beach

Plastic pollution in the ocean – what can we do about it?

I recently saw a shocking image highlighting one of the perils of 
all that plastic litter that is drifting around our oceans. The photograph, which showed the skeletal remains of a dead juvenile albatross — a decaying pile of feathers and bone with its body cavity crammed full of plastic…

Braced up pheasants

Has commercial driven game shooting reached a watershed?

We all know the price paid by game dealers for shot birds has been historically low for many seasons, and maybe it always has been. Back in Victorian times the saying went: “Up goes a guinea, bang goes a penny, down comes sixpence.” However there’s now a new twist to…

Jobs in shooting

Should there only be room on the peg for one?

I like a partner on the peg Not everyone likes to share a peg and I can understand why. I recall a sporting agent who insisted on joining Guns just as they found themselves in the pound seat on the drive of the day and chattering endlessly to them while…

Tom's Kitchen Chelsea

Kitchen supper in Chelsea

A good restaurant has to have two things. Firstly, delicious food and secondly, ambience. Don’t you think? You really can’t have one without the other. If the food is great but the atmosphere is lacking, then you’re not going to want to linger and chat. If the ambience is great…

Black Friday deals

Best Black Friday 2017 deals for shooters

Shooting doesn’t come cheap so this is where Black Friday deals for shooters are bound to come in handy. Where can I find the best Black Friday 2017 shooting deals? We expect all of the major online shooting retailers to be running special deals in the run up to Black Friday, throughout…