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A fledgling ferreter

A) Ferrets hunt by prey drive and are motivated by a natural instinct to satisfy their desire to hunt. I would start a ferret that is new to working on a small warren, as inexperienced ferrets may find a large warren too big to work thoroughly. Nevertheless, no matter how experienced a ferret becomes, you should avoid using a single ferret on a big warren. Large warrens require multiple ferrets, so if you have big workings, it may pay you to bring along a friend or two with their ferrets.

To catch the bolting rabbits, you will need purse-nets and long-nets. Once caught in a net, you then have the responsibility of despatching the rabbits as humanely and efficiently as possible. One of the best methods is to take a firm hold of the back of the neck with one hand and an equally strong hold of the back legs and pull apart while holding the neck at an angle of 45°. This breaks the rabbit?s neck instantly.