From flintlock 50-bore pocket pistols, to 20-bore hammer guns perfect for this coming season, Holt’s auctioneers presents a treasure trove of lots

A sealed bid auction ending this Thursday 5th July provides a unique platform for buyers to pick up a wide variety of sporting guns, rifles, antiques and associated (and sometimes completely unassociated) accessories and ephemera.

Highest bid wins at full value

Utilising the ‘sealed bid’ format, clients have a set deadline to enter a written bid on items in the auction and the highest bidder on the day will win the lot at his designated bid.

Unusually, the auction does not work on an incremental basis, so the highest bid will win at full value regardless of any other bidding activity. The key to success, therefore, is bid what you are prepared to pay.

Lots from Holts

Over 2474 Lots in the Holts sealed bid auction on 5 July

Over 2500 Lots to consider

Impressively, the auctions usually consist of over 2500 Lots including everything from sporting guns, rifles, target and service rifles to antique guns, air weapons, edged weapons, militaria, accessories, clothing and often a smattering of completely random entries which might be just the thing for a fancy dress-do.

It usually encompasses the more modest end of the market, generally under £1000 in value – but some true bargains can be had.

Lots from Holts

An eclectic mix of Lots

View online

Each auction is available to view online via the Holts website, is temporarily on view at their London saleroom during their quarterly live auction views and can be viewed in person at their Norfolk headquarters in the run up to the deadline.

The auction deadline falls on Thursday 5th July at 10:30am, with 2474 Lots to choose from.