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Letter: Shooting’s stifled talents

“My question is this: I am surprised that the only shooters who appear to have sponsorship are the GB team and other people at the top of their game.

I feel that unless new talented people can receive sponsorship, the sport will not develop. I would like to hear from other companies like mine that would be interested in sponsoring young shooters.

Perhaps you would like to comment on the points raised.”
Steve Yorke
Simxel Ltd.

Sadly, nothing changes, Steve. We?ve always had a wealth of brilliant young Shots in this country but the cost of shooting and the strain it places on family finances forces many to quit the sport before they realise their full potential.

As you?ve discovered, in the absence of grants and scholarships many have to hope they can find welcome sponsorship from private companies like yours.

More needs to be done and it will be interesting to see if other businesses respond to your letter.

Maybe if our clay shooters do well in the Olympics this year, Sport England might again make money available to help our best young Guns realise their dreams.

Let?s hope so!