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Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook talks about eating what you hunt

You might be surprised to hear that Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, is a fan of fieldsports ...

In a recent video, shot whilst he was relaxing at a weekend in his back yard and cooking for friends, he talks about the importance of eating what you’ve hunted for, whether it’s wild boar or salmon fishing ….

Here are some of his quotes:

“Things take doubly better when you’ve hunted the animal yourself.”

“If you’re going to eat meat, then you should be a part of getting … you should know where it comes from.”

We’re nodding in agreement here.

Going hunting for a boar

He goes on to say:

“Whether you’re fishing for salmon or going hunting for a boar, that’s a big part of it.”

“It’s this whole experience”

“It’s a good way to feel connected to nature.”

venison steaks

Venison steaks ready for the smoker on a bed of oak sawdust

Cooking tips from the founder of Facebook

Zuckerberg also appears to be a keen cook. Perhaps it’s a relaxing hobby to get away from the rigours of running Facebook (and looking at a computer screen). As he says, prepare something that needs slow cooking and it gives you the opportunity to chat and socialise with your family, friends and guests when you’re entertaining. He’s obviously a fan of cooking using smokers, as he is using two of them here and talks about them in some detail.

Smoking game is an ancient technique for cooking that can create mouthwatering flavours in game and fish and it’s not difficult either. Certainly makes a difference from the usual game cookery techniques like casseroling or roasting, and the perfect way to entertain out of doors.

A smoker works by generating heat from a charcoal base, onto which wood chunks, chips and pellets are added to create smoke. It’s this smoke that adds the amazing flavour and the difference in taste.

Many renowned cookery schools specialising in venison and game offer courses in using a smoker, including River Cottage in Dorset and Smoky Jo’s in Cumbria.