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No armed response from police over rabbit shooting

I put up two signs ?danger rabbit shooting? one on the gate and one on the PRW to warn people I was there.

I was laying down on the ground with my rifle when two Labradors jumped over me.

The owner was well off the path so I called to her and asked her to use the signposted right of way.

As she left she muttered something and then used her mobile phone.

I guessed she was phoning the police but luckily I have told the police about my shooting ground.

This time, though, I hadn?t told them I would be shooting.

Sure enough within five minutes I was phoned and asked if it was me shooting.

The police officer asked me for the landowner?s name and phone number to check my permission.

She then phoned back to say she couldn?t get a reply but to carry on shooting as it would be a waste of taxpayer?s money to send out officers as she was happy with my response.

Well done Dorset police and thanks to the lady inspector (I can?t remember her name).

It goes to show that the police and shooters can work together. You just dial 101 to keep them informed!

D. R Pender, Dorset.