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Photo Gallery: The Grove & Rufford Hunt

Ian Valentine joins the followers of a farmers’ hunt in Nottinghamshire, during a landmark anniversary of R.S. Surtee’ Handley Cross. This article appears in Shooting Times 8th of May issue!

The Grove and Rufford Hunt, Nottinghamshire meets at the start of the day

Joint-Master John Michael MFH shares a joke with other followers

The hounds follow the line of scent

Followers at the Grove and Rufford Hunt

Members of the Grove and Rufford Hunt

A member of the hunt puts a rug on his horse at the mid-way point

Huntsman, Paul Larby, with hounds

Huntsman, Paul Larby and Joint Master Jane Strawson MFH (to right of huntsman) share a joke during the break

Members of the Grove and Rufford Hunt try to stay in touch with the hounds

Photographs by Georgina Cranston