Some questions about rimfires and rabbit control answered

.22LR Mausers

Guns such as these pre-war .22LR Mausers can offer great accuracy

Classic rimfires for rabbit control

Q: I am after a classic rimfire for a spot of ‘yesteryear’ rabbit shooting. Can you recommend any particular models?

A: Someone after my own heart! These days the constant new wave of technology can be a bit jading and a return to simpler shooting paraphernalia is quite liberating.

Old classics such as the BSA Martini 12/15s or the good old BSA Sportsman Five bolt-action can be good value.

Ditto for the older Remington M series or 541, Savage Model 64, or from the 1970s Krico 300, Voere 2115 or 2155 or Walther KKJ.

Even the Browning (Miroku) BL22 lever-action can be fun because of its short stroke, combined with a large capacity magazine.

Older guns such as the Winchester Model 61 allow you to use many types of .22 rimfire ammunition, thanks to the in-line tubular feed magazine under the barrel. This is handy for rabbits in the field, then ferals in the barn — try that with a modern gun.

Older semi-automatics such as the Remington Nylon, Browning SA, BSA Ralock and BSA Armatic are appealing but misuse can take their toll, so tread carefully. My favourite are the pre-war Mausers, which offer superb quality and accuracy.

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