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Why you should date a shooter

Fit, dependable, well-dressed, dog loving, fond of the countryside - what's not to love about shooters? With the 14th February looming, we thought we'd put a good word in.

Date a shooter

There are some hot Shots out there

Some reasons why a shooter should be top of your Valentine’s Day wish list

“Men who shoot a lot often have dogs… seeing dogs working for their owners and the bond between man and dog is a very attractive quality. Building that relationship takes respect, discipline and patience…. all attributes one would look for in man or dog! Says Lady Melissa Percy, founder of ladies outdoor clothing brand Mistamina.

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She adds: “Watching a man shoot an incredibly challenging bird and then seeing his dog mark it and retrieve it with such precision is a very attractive sight”.


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Chimes in Ed Wills, deputy editor of Shooting Times. “They know a nice bird when they see one and will always salute it.”

“You should date a man who shoots because they’re bound to be fun outdoors!” says Eugénie von Haniel, of Fofolino.

“A shooting chap knows that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, says James Purnell, Gun Room Manager of the West London Shooting School.  

Says Ed Clark, editor of Sporting Gun. “The season is only a few months a year and out of season your partner is all yours – unlike other hobbies!”

“You’ll have someone to remove your muddy boots after a long day out in the field” says Jenny Edwards of Fairfax & Favor

 We say: 

  • Shooters value consistency, which is a good basis for a strong relationship.
  • Shooters tend to know their way around a kitchen and be able to rustle up something delicious to eat (cooking all that game).
  • Shooters tend to have healthy outdoor complexions from being outside a lot.
  • Shooters are decisive. They don’t shilly shally about.
  • Shooters love dogs. 
  • Shooters understand the importance of dressing well.
  • Shooters are good at assessing risk – unsafe shooting is a real no no. This ability to analyse is good when it comes to big decisions like getting married and having children.
  • Shooters can focus on the job in hand. They know they’ll miss the bird if they’re distracted. Which is good because it means they will leave office problems at work and focus on YOU when they get home …
  • Shooters are honest and old-fashioned in a good way. Etiquette is very important in shooting so they tend to know their manners. 

Finally …

 “It’s great to have a husband that shoots.  He shoots it, I cook it, and we eat and enjoy it together” Comments Christina Peppercorn of County Equestrian Jewellers

Featured image credit: Fairfax & Favor, woman wears Imperial Explorers, £395 and man brown leather Chelsea boots £220