Are you under 18? Involved with training gundogs? Prove your expertise in the new International Junior Handler competition.

Patience and perseverence are key skills when it comes to training gundogs and youngsters who take on a young puppy to teach often learn a lot about themselves along the way –  in what can be a very character-building exercise.

The reward of course is a skilled and responsive dog and the confidence and satisfaction of knowing that a crucial job has been done well, with long-lasting results. However encouragement and compliments for the young tutor from experienced adult gundog handlers never go amiss either!

So junior gundog trainers will be pleased to hear about a new event taking place at the CLA Game Fair  – the International Junior Handler competition – which enables them to showcase the expertise of their dogs in a special arena. The format of the trials will be along the same lines of the Home International Gundog Team competition, and will include simulated retrieves of varying difficulty.

The event is free to enter, open to under 18s and takes place on Saturday 1 August in the  Drakeshead Arena.

Organised by Mick Newsam, an experienced A panel retriever judge, the participants will compete for the John Halstead cup.  The CLA Game Fair’s Gundog Chairman John Lightowler commented:

“I believe we have a duty to encourage the next generation of gundog handlers and this new competition will give the up-and-coming gundog handlers an opportunity never offered before at the CLA Game Fair.”