The CLA Game Fair was first held at Belvoir Castle in 2005. This venue offers a spectacular setting for the event, which will be hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Rutland, who are celebrating 500 years of the family’s history at this magnificent estate.

Its location, with numerous traffic routes and three major car parks, ensured that visitors in 2005 accessed the site with ease.

Show organisers, local authorities, traffic police and the estate will again be using those traffic plans.

The Game Fair is internationally renowned for hosting famous national and international championships and competitions in shooting, fishing and gundogs.

This year’s Fair will also feature many new events and competitions for enthusiasts and their families to watch or take part in.

As well as the major country sports exhibitions, visitors can enjoy all the other countryside features and displays that are now an integral part of the event.

The popular Totally Food Show will have a strong emphasis on local and regionally produced foods and Hooked on Horses and Elegant Gardens will entertain equestrian and gardening enthusiasts.

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