This follows the publication of a report at a meeting held on 27 January reviewing the traffic congestion that caused gridlock in the town during the fair held last July.

The report, produced by five different organisations including Blenheim Palace, the Safety Advisory Group from West Oxfordshire County Council and The CLA Game Fair organisers, makes 15 recommendations, including more entrances and fewer single-lane restrictions.

The event attracted a total of 53,000 cars and Mr Jay wants those responsible for traffic management to step down.

He told the BBC: “The councils should acknowledge that there was an absolute disaster for the people of Oxfordshire and people visiting Oxfordshire.”

The report attributes the gridlock to several different factors, including the late arrival of exhibitors on the Friday morning and an accident on the A34.

A spokeswoman for The CLA Game Fair told ST they were disappointed to see the reported comments made by the mayor: “The meeting was very positive. It is regretted that the mayor was unable to attend, though it was well attended by Woodstock Council and the various other local councils and authorities, who accepted the apology made by The CLA Game Fair organisers, as well as the other organisations involved in the traffic plans for the part the show played in the traffic problems.”

Blenheim Palace’s John Hoy welcomed the report: “We have fully supported the
review process and are confident that a raft of measures and improvements can be introduced to ensure that the traffic, particularly on the Friday morning, runs more smoothly.”

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