Zulu the zorse - the zebra crossed with a horse - is set to be one of the main attractions at the CLA Game Fair at Blenheim Palace

Zulu the zorse – the offspring of a male zebra and female grey arab – is returning to the CLA Game Fair for the second time as organisers draft in the animal following popular demand.

He is believed to be the only zorse in the UK and whilst he greys with age, his stripes remain visible. The zorse was born in Oklahoma, America and now lives in a donkey sanctuary in Shropshire.

“Most people assume Zulu has been Photoshopped, but he is the real thing,” says trainer Rebecca Townsend. “He’s highly intelligent, and he loves being around horses and having a job to do.”

You can catch Zulu as he joins the Jive Pony equestrian team at Blenheim Palace.