Great British Shooting Award Winner 2021

Airgun of the year – Air Arms Ultimate Sporter R

Air Arms is a big player in the target shooting world, and the Ultimate Sporter is a sporting airgun built on that pedigree. It is a match-accurate recoilless PCP and has an excellent two-stage trigger. The unregulated model has remarkable shot to shot consistency and the regulated “R” series is even more consistent – the regulator irons out any power curve, so output remains exactly the same right through the charge. A fully-adjustable cheek-piece and butt pad ensure that the ambidextrous stock is always a good fit. Other features include a sliding bipod attachment stud at the fore-end, a very reliable sidelever-driven ten-shot magazine system and the excellent Air Arms silencer, which keeps it extremely quiet – very useful for hunters. On top of all that, it’s also a very nice looking gun.