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Rifle of the year – CZ 457 

Great British Shooting Award Winner 2021

Rifle of the year

Rifle of the year – CZ 457 

CZ have always and continue to offer just what real shooters want, the new CZ 457 series of .22 rimfire rifles continues the lineage of their classic mini bolt action design to new levels of excellence.

The new range of 457 rimfires still incorporate the CZ 455’s barrel change system whereby you can switch between calibres but the overall design is more modern and simpler. It allows a conversion between barrel profiles, lengths, and cartridge chamberings in an instant. You have the options of a 20 or 16 inch barrel length, both are threaded 1/2×20 UNF and available in 22LR, 17HMR or 22WMR cartridge chamberings.

There is something for all levels and skills of shooters, all in all a well designed rimfire at a fantastic price that is accurate, reliable and offered in a myriad of styles. It is Britain’s go to vermin .22 rimfire.