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Shooting Industry Awards 2017 finalists announced

We are very pleased to announce the finalists for the 2017 Shooting Industry Awards. Winners will be announced on the awards evening on 11th May. Congratulations to all of our finalists.

Shooting Industry Awards 2017 Finalists

New Clothing Product  

Marly Trousers (Percussion)

Tahr XP (Swazi)

Nahanni Smock (Swazi)

Berwick Men’s Waterproof Coat  (Alan Paine)

Balfour Tweed Shooting Coat (Laksen Sporting)

New Ladies Clothing Product 

Kodiak Jacket (Laksen Sporting)

Olivia Jacket (OJT Designs)

Women’s Fenland Jacket (Musto)

New Footwear Product

Condor LCX (Le Chameau)

Imperial Explorer (Fairfax and Favor)

Brampton Country Boot (Musto)

Sologne Neoprene Wellington (Percussion)

Best Game Cartridge 

High Pheasant Extreme 20 gauge 28/30/32 gram in Xtrm Shot 5&6 (Hull Cartridge Company)

Eley Hawk Zenith Copper Game Shot (Eley Hawk)

Rottweil 16g Felt (RUAG Ammotec UK Ltd)

Best Clay Cartridge 

Cal 12 Jocker 28g and 24g in both plastic and fibre (Shooting Star Ltd)

Sporting 100 Plas Wad 28 gram 7.5/8 Shot (Hull Cartridge Company)

DTL Elite (Gamebore)

Rottweil Supertrap 24 HV (RUAG Ammotec UK Ltd)

DTL Gold (Eley Hawk)

English Sporter 12 guage 28 gram (Lyalvale Express)

Best Rifle Cartridge 

Norma .243 VMAX (RUAG Ammotec UK Ltd)

Eley Tenex (Eley)

Winchester Extreme Point (Winchester)

New Gundog Product 

Lintran New Gap Flap (Lintran K9 Ltd)

Kennel Sleeping Trays (Timberbuild Dog Kennels Ltd)

Rabbit Launcher Dummies (Sporting Saint)

New Scope Product 

Magnus I riflescopes (Leica)

Z8i 1.7-13.3 x 42 4A-IF (Swarovski)

Vortex Strike Eagle Rifle Scope (Country Sports Wholesale)

Nikko Stirling Diamond 30mm Long Range (Highland Outdoors)

New Binocular 

Noctivid Binocular (Leica)

Kahles 10×42 (RUAG Ammotec UK Ltd)

Bushnell Legend M Series 10×42 (Edgar Brothers)

Diamond Back Binoculars 8×42 (Country Sports Wholesale)

Meopta MeoRange (Viking Arms)

New Shooting Accessory 

Leupold LTO Thermal (Viking Arms)

Ultra Lightweight Pigeon Magnet Rotary Machine (UK Shoot Warehouse Ltd)

Tracer F900 IR LED focusable gun light (Tracer)

Lintran Safe Deluxe (Lintran K9 Ltd)

Best Website 

Eley Hawk Ltd

Bettws Hall

John Rigby & Co

Best UK Gun Shop 

Sportarm Ltd

Oxford Gun Company

Emmett & Stone Country Sports

Ian Coley Sporting Ltd

Solware Ltd

Best Shooting Ground 

E.J. Churchill

Oxford Gun Company

Lady’s Wood Shooting School

Barbury Shooting School

Royal Berkshire Shooting School

Sporting Targets Ltd

New Rifle 

Webley & Scott XOCET Rimfire Rifle (Highland Outdoors)

Bergara B14 DBM (RUAG Ammotec UK Ltd)

Lithgow Arms Crossover Centrefire Rifle LA102 (Highland Outdoors)

New Shotgun 

Perazzi High Tech (RUAG Ammotec)

Stephan Grant Round Action O/U (Atkin, Grant & Lang)

Browning B15 (Browning)

Blaser F16 (Blaser)

Webley & Scott 1000 Series (Highland Outdoors)

All finalists will be invited to the awards ceremony on 11th May 2017 at the Mercure Brandon Hall hotel in Coventry.