Roasted grouse

12 glorious tips for cooking grouse

  • There’s no need to hang grouse, as it already has the perfect game flavour
  • The further into the season you get, the gamier the birds will be
  • For older grouse slow pot roasts and casseroles work best
  • It is important to clean the grouse out thoroughly as any remaining blood will cause the bird to taste bitter
  • With young grouse, take the breast off, season and sear in a hot pan for 2 minutes per side
  • Always rest your grouse for at least half of the cooking time, this lets the meat relax and allows the juices to go back into the centre
  • Use a deboning knife to remove the breast from the carcass, always ensure knives are sharp
  • Use the carcass to make a great stock base for your jus – simmer for three hours for the perfect flavour
  • There are 18 species of grouse in the world
  • The best accompaniments for grouse are: game chips, bread sauce, fried crumbs, rowan jelly, bleaberrie compote and Scottish skirlie.
  • Grouse is incredibly good for you as it is organic, low in fat and  cholesterol
  • When roasting a young grouse, smear melted butter over the breasts and place bacon on top, season and stuff the carcass with garlic and herbs to flavour. Roast in a hot oven for 15-20 mins, basting twice during cooking.

Grouse recipes to impress

Grouse is healthy, low fat, low cholesterol, organic and free-range. Our grouse recipes here give you plenty of different options, whether you’re looking for a dish for a light lunch or something to impress guests at dinner.

cooking grouse recipe

Try this glorious recipe for a pulled grouse salad

If you’re wondering how to prepare your birds, then look at our easy to follow videos here. 

Grouse Bresaola

Recipe for grouse bresaola – ideal for using older birds

This recipe is ideal for using older grouse and it is rather decadent. It is a version of a classic beef dish from Italy — lightly cured and then air-dried — that is so delicious it has spread across the world. Making it with a grouse breast or two 

walked up grouse

How to cook young grouse

I get very excited when I create a recipe for young grouse and this one is no exception, using a cure and seasonal ingredients. I’ve yet to shoot a grouse myself but I have seen a few drives in action. One day I’d love to walk-up grouse. Young grouse versus…

roast grouse risotto

Roast grouse risotto with wild mushrooms and truffles

I love cooking grouse. It has a distinct flavour that sets it apart from all other gamebirds. This is due to its diet of mainly heather, which gives the meat an earthy and herby flavour. A good falconer friend of mine, Nick Havemann-Mart, once said to me: “You have to…

recipe for grouse carpaccio

Recipe for grouse carpaccio

I must admit although I thoroughly enjoy eating and cooking grouse I have never had the privilege to shoot one (here in the UK anyway) on a traditional driven grouse shoot. The only time I have ever shot grouse was actually in Finland, However it was not red grouse but…

cooking grouse recipe

12 glorious tips for cooking with grouse

Missy’s 12 glorious tips for cooking grouse There’s no need to hang grouse, as it already has the perfect game flavour The further into the season you get, the gamier the birds will be For older grouse slow pot roasts and casseroles work best It is important to clean the…

Curried roast grouse

Recipe for roast curried grouse

Roast curried grouse with spiced lentil and coconut dahl, poppadum and cucumber chutney. To make the curry paste 200g galangal 200g fresh ginger peeled 100g turmeric root 300g banana shallots peeled 50g peeled garlic 2 lime leaves 4 lemongrass sticks 30ml lime juice 200g red long chilli 50ml sesame oil…

game crumble recipe

Game crumble and bread sauce by Simon Hopkinson

Here is how Simon Hopkinson creates his game crumble – and you can click here to see his roast grouse method: Game Crumble recipe: Serves 2, plentifully Ingredients A small slice of butter 75g fresh white breadcrumbs 50ml medium-dry sherry or Madeira A little salt and pepper, only if necessary…

BBQ grouse

BBQ grouse recipe with sourdough and charred leaves

Sourdough is more digestible than standard loaves of bread and more nutritious too. It also goes perfectly with barbecued pheasant! BBQ grouse with sourdough and charred leaves Ingredients 8 grouse breasts 8 pieces of sourdough (available in good supermarkets) or here’s a recipe  4 chicory 2 radicchio 10g fresh chopped…

Roasted grouse

Roasted Grouse with Red Wine, Prune & Pancetta Stuffing

You will need: One whole young grouse Heather Butter Thyme Garlic Cooking oil Method Prepare your whole young grouse, tie the wings in and the legs up and together so it cooks evenly. Stuff with heather, butter, thyme and garlic and then season before sealing in a hot pan all…

recipe for Grouse pate

Recipe for grouse pate by Esther Veerman

Ingredients: 6 Grouse breasts, preferably off old birds Extra virgin olive oil 150g Crème fraîche Juice of 1 lime Sea salt 1 teaspoon Ginger powder 2 pinches Cayenne pepper   Method: Place the grouse breasts in a roasting tin, drizzle a little extra-virgin olive oil over them and cover with…

red grouse recipe

Red grouse with liver en croute and bread puree

Ingredients For the roast grouse: 4 young red grouse salt and pepper 4 sprigs of thyme 4 cloves of garlic 8 bruised juniper berries 50 g butter for basting For the liver en croute: 4 livers from red grouse Cooking oil ½ tsp thyme, chopped salt and pepper 25ml brandy…

Roast grouse with sweet pumpkin pickle

The Cinnamon Club head chef Vivek Singh Q&A and recipe

Questions to Cinnamon Club head chef Vivek Singh Q. Where did you start working as a chef and how did The Cinnamon Club develop? A. After graduating from catering college I joined the Oberoi Hotel Group as a specialist in Indian cuisine. I first worked at its flight kitchens in…