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BBQ grouse recipe with sourdough and charred leaves

With the Glorious 12th just a few days away, we thought it was time for a grouse recipe and here's one from the Countryside Alliance's Game to Eat campaign. It's very easy to make and serves four.

BBQ grouse

An easy recipe - BBQ grouse with sourdough and leaves

Sourdough is more digestible than standard loaves of bread and more nutritious too. It also goes perfectly with barbecued pheasant!

BBQ grouse with sourdough and charred leaves


  • 8 grouse breasts
  • 8 pieces of sourdough (available in good supermarkets) or here’s a recipe 
  • 4 chicory
  • 2 radicchio
  • 10g fresh chopped chives
  • Lemon oil
  • Cornish sea salt
  • Milled black pepper


  • Season the grouse and cook over hot BBQ for two minutes each side
  • Remove from the BBQ and allow to rest for a further two minutes
  • Split the chicory in half lengthways and BBQ until a little charred
  • Also BBQ the radicchio leaves Lastly BBQ the sourdough
  • Place the grouse and charred leaves on the bread and drizzle over a little lemon oil and chopped chives to serve

This recipe is included in a free, new and inspirational wild game recipe booklet, which comes courtesy of the Countryside Alliance’s Game to Eat initiative.


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As Game to Eat says: “Incorporating the best of British wild game these specially created recipes will take you on a journey of luxurious ingredients and exquisite tastes, leaving the reader craving their next wild game meal. The booklet includes the traditional roast pheasant and partridge recipes all the way through to more modern pheasant nuggets, duck croquettes and delicious BBQ grouse.”

Game to eat recipe booklet

Jack Knott, Game to Eat Project Manager: “Low in cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, and high in vitamins the health aspects of wild game are unbeatable. Wild game is no longer a one dish wonder; instead it should be celebrated for its exciting and unique flavours and the multitude of recipe options.

“With growing focus on the future of British agriculture along with Brexit, it should be remembered that wild game is unashamedly British, local and seasonal. Mintel research completed in 2015 showed that one in four Brits has eaten game in the last six months and a further 41% are willing to try it in the future.”

That’s good news for everybody who likes good, locally sourced food.