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Traditional roast new season grouse with game chips, gravy and bread sauce

Today's recipe is from the Corse Lawn House Hotel in Gloucestershire:
"If you are a fan of game, then you should eat grouse at least once a year. Towards the end of August it is at its very best."

new season grouse


1 whole new season grouse (oven ready)

100 grams button mushrooms (finely sliced)

10 grams butter (melted)

3 slices home cured streaky bacon

Salt and pepper



Mix the mushrooms, butter and seasoning together then stuff and truss the grouse. Once this has been done, cover the breast with streaky bacon.

Roast the grouse in a hot oven at 250ºC for 25 minutes to cook till slightly pink and let it rest for five minutes.

Place on plate, return the grouse pan to the hotplate and add game stock and dry sherry to the pan, scrape the juices off the pan and reduce, season to taste, and pour over the bird. Serve on a crouton, spread with grouse liver pate, and add bread sauce and game chips.

Serving new season grouse

When we serve grouse at Corse Lawn, we ask our guests if they would like their bird on or off the bone. If off, we just slice off the legs and breast and arrange on the crouton, we then keep the carcasse to make our grouse stock to add to the gravy.

Recipe created by Mrs Hine, adapted by Head Chef Martin Kinahan from Corse Lawn House Hotel